Jan 22, 2009

Beautiful Videos from Swedish Director

wonderful intro scene from Fever Ray video directed by Andreas Nilsson.

Came across Andreas Nilsson's work on Who Killed Bambi today and fell in love with his work instantly. His videos seem to work so incredibly well with the music and the stories that both unfold.

His opening scene in Fever Ray's video is just brilliant (pictured at top of post. link to video here). The timing, lighting, characters and location are all very well chosen. I also love his videos featuring a "pigman" for José Gonzales' two videos (pigman pictured above. link here for one video and here for the second one).

I also discovered a few new musicians I like as well in his portfolio. I believe I've never heard any of them before and liked each one.


Andy Frazer said...

The Fever Ray video is amazing. I've watched it about five times already.

Aaron said...

andy... you had me beat until I got home and watched it 3 more times with the wife. ;)