Jan 27, 2009

Art For your kids walls...

© Simen Johan

...or maybe just my kids? I don't believe these images from Scandinavian photographer Simen Johan would cause more nightmares than say a power rangers poster or black venom collage from spiderman 3. In the eyes of an innocent child these will have very different meaning to us adults. The subtle details and mysterious elements of the characters and locations most likely will be overlooked by a young child? I'll have to ask Hugo. My 4 year old has seen, and has even had a cameo role ("discoveries of youth" pictured at left) in one of my darker cinemascapes. I would say he's well adjusted to the darker side of contemporary art.

Johan's series "Evidence of Things Unseen" can be found here (link) on his site.

Simen Johan looks like he has been around for about a decade now and has several other interesting series on his site. One note about his site is that it seems very slanted towards the collector and curator more than the regular lay person. You can click most images to see detail and grain. I really like it's simplicity and straightforwardness. Give a gander here (link).

© Simen Johan
(Johan's images appear untitled on his site,
but I'm thinking of calling this one "butts" for numerous obvious reasons)

© Simen Johan

© Simen Johan


Alma M said...

These are great! i kinda love them. There so unusual, and the chosen locations are gritty and lovely at the same time. :)

Emily said...

to be honest, the most disturbing one of all is yours. hahah, you should be proud!
Did Hugo think you were nuts??