Dec 15, 2008

santa and his pole.

Hugo at the North Pole (NY) 2008

Last night the family went to Santa's Workshop in North Pole, NY. This amusement park has been around since 1949 and was designed by local and well-known artist and designer Arto Monaco. Not one to take pictures (see previous post "fuck taking pictures"), I did manage to snap off a pic of the actual North Pole that is frozen year-round using Hugo's camera. Hugo then took his camera back and snapped off a few at dinner afterwards (a trait obviously not inherited from me). Grampa took quite a few as well (tripod and all) and posted on his blog.

North Pole, NY (date unknown)

North Pole, NY (date unknown)

North Pole, NY (date unknown)

grampa and moose © Hugo

mom and dad © Hugo

green turbo storm power ranger © Hugo

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