Dec 16, 2008

cinemascapes exhibit extended...

cinemascapes at the Collette Blanchard Gallery
(26 Clinton St. - L.E.S., NYC)

If you're upset and depressed thinking about the fact that you might not get over to the Collette Blanchard Gallery before my exhibit comes down December 31st, I've got some dandy news. The show is being extended another 2 weeks into January.

Oh, and for anyone else that is showing at museums/galleries/wherever... might I highly recommend the Mirogard® glass. Probably the clearest, least reflective glass available. I can't imagine any other way of framing after seeing the results on my dark prints with a lot of black areas. It was recommended by Laumont for my work, and I'm damn glad they mentioned it. I'd never heard of it before?

"Simply put, Mirogard is the clearest picture framing glass in the world! Utilised by institutions such as The Tate and The National Gallery, Mirogard is an optically coated waterwhite float glass. In appearance, Mirogard has no colour and allows 100% of light to pass through, in contrast to just 95% with standard glass – the result is that colours are more vibrant with zero colour shift. The optical coatings are identical to that of a camera lens, and hence Mirogard has a very low reflective quality which can, in certain hanging conditions have the appearance that there is simply no glass there at all."

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