Dec 1, 2008

He Shoots, He Scores!

Never in my 15 years of experience as a goaltender did I have this happen to my 5-hole!

ummm...yeah that is a real sign from a sports bar that opened in the next town over from us (Tupper Lake). A friend just sent me this photo. Also, it's monday, it's my birthday and I got nothing else to blog about but silly potty humor.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Aaron!

Wish you the best!

-Luis Montemayor

jimmieknuckles said...

congrats for living long and prospering.
Word, happy birthday my duder.
I hope you get legos

Best birthday present ever,
Aside from the traditional blowjobs and buttsex

Happy happy joy joy

Aaron said...

thanks Luis!

@ Knuckles...are you joking or did I send you the link yesterday? I was actually checking out these legos:

which were posted on one of my favorite daily sites for dark & demented design and photography inspiration.

bizarre coincidence?

jimmieknuckles said...

i didnt get a link,

i just know,
i mean, those in the know,

just sort of know about how dope legos are

Aaron said...

the link was in my comment...

Steven said...

Belated birthday from BFE. Hope you had a good one.