Dec 17, 2008

happy holidays cinemascapist style

"scrooged" © the cinemascapist

16 degrees out, frozen lake beneath me, howlin' winds from the west, frozen holiday berries in my pants, no sensation in my fingers or right side of my face, etc... these are just a few of the sacrifices I make to wish you all a happy holiday! - the cinemascapist & family


jimmieknuckles said...


just trying to sdpread some cheer to the fellows ice fishing...

but apparenty tis not the season for them either

Aaron said...

all the big fish go deep in the winter, which typically means the middle of the lake. So they need to haul their shanties and gear out there with their Ford F-150's and the ice isn't that safe yet. So yeah, no ice fisherman yet on that lake.

Emily said...'re insane.
i'm excited/terrified about the thought of working my way into one of your photos in February.

Emily said...


Aaron said...

@ emily... be afraid...very afraid! muu-haaa-haaaa! see you in february.