Dec 18, 2008

Great Great House of Guitars...

It's finally that time of year again. Back to Rochester, NY and the world famous "Great Great House of Guitars" to rummage through the 2 ton pile of black t-shirts on the floor in the back corner of the basement. These tee's are vintage, not replica vintage, but actual "Rush 1981 Tour" type shit at the very bottom of the piles. It's weird, but I can smell the shirts know that smell of concert tees with vinyl graphics? I can remember walking to the House of Guitars from my house two blocks away when I was 6 or 7 years old (?) to get the Michael Jackson Thriller Album or just to marvel at the bizarre and famous guitars, autographed memorabilia, etc...

Oh, and their commercials were top notch productions!

- 1978 Easter Bunny Commercial is absolute must-see TV
youtube link)

- 1978 Commercial with the Ramones
youtube link)

You wouldn't think so, but there is a rhyme or reason with the place. I could ask for some obscure blues singer and a staffer would walk over to a pile of discs and get it for me.

oh, and visiting my mother and the rest of my family is fun too.

P.S. Rochester is the only city that helped shape me and that I have spent a large chunk of my life living in, but have not yet shot a cinemascape in or around. That will change this trip as the camera and wounded tripod are coming this time. George Eastman House? High Falls? House of Guitars? Kodak? so many places to think about.

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