Nov 20, 2008

"just shoot me"

"somebody cue the angels to start singing"

"just shoot me". That is what the sky was telling me as I drove by and also what I said to myself after shooting a scene that is the absolute epitome of what 98% of the photographers that live up here in the Adirondacks shoot. Maybe it's the fact that I'm turning 3 decades + 1 year old in a few weeks? or maybe because the season and myself are in limbo for fresh new cinemascapes and I was jonseing? Not sure why I took it. I don't take pictures. I hardly ever have a camera (even at my son's birthday parties) unless I'm on a mission to shoot a moose or a cinemascape. I actual can't stand people with cameras to tell the honest truth.

Anyway...that's all I gots to ramble about currently.


gravitas et nugalis said...

.... can't stand people with cameras?

I'm screwed

Steven said...

Is that the uptown district out there near that holler?

Cant' wait to see the moose!

Aaron said...

haha. yeah that's uptown!

the moose has already been seen? a few posts back...