Nov 24, 2008

can't-stand-ya costanza

On the ferry to the Statue of Liberty ~ NYC © Mark Hobson

So I wrote in my last post that I can't stand people with camera's. To which Gravitas et Nugalis responded ".... can't stand people with cameras? I'm screwed". I feel that I must clarify my statement now, since he does sport two monster-sized SLR's (like flavor-flav's clocks) and also because I probably inherited my photographic "eye" genes from him, being my father n' all.

I should have clarified that I meant all non-professional people toting their little pocket cameras. You see them everywhere now and I can't help but notice that when confronted with a "real life moment", they spend more time looking at the back of their canon quickshot than they do at what is occuring right in front of their own two eyes. Then they'll sometimes pass the camera around as if the people standing right next to them didn't see it either? I'm wondering if in the distant future some humans will no longer be able to appreciate real life unless it involves viewing it in a 2-D application? I even noticed a guy at the last NHL hockey game that I went to in Pittsburgh who was only watching the game on the Jumbotron! I should have told him that for $120 (we weren't in the cheap seats) he could pay to rent my living room and watch the game on my flat screen next time.

It's also the reason I don't carry a camera and I don't (normally) shoot scenic shit or wobbly moose. I just can't fully appreciate a moment or get a full sense of enjoyment of something spectacular with a piece of technology between my face and what it is I'm watching. Maybe it's just me?

That's who and what I meant to chastise and who I cannot stand, not my fellow fotofriends and fotofather.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I couldn't stand Avedon, Shore or Adams either, constantly chimping at their 8x10 groundglasses underneath their black cloaks...

Aaron said...

avedon, shore, and adams hardly can be categorized as P&S hobbyists.