Oct 30, 2008

Photolucida (my choices)

When I say "my choices", I mean up to the letter O so far. That's as much as I've been able to take in. I plan on finishing through Z by this weekend.

First off, I have a hard time with several of the styles that are prevalent throughout the artists. Documentary and Portrait. I enjoy viewing these styles, but I cannot see how one is better than the other? It seems like its the same photographers just shooting different social groups with different diseases, loves, hates, regions, etc...? Maybe it's just me? There were also some really interesting experimental processes and techniques that I enjoyed as well.

So here are my threee favorites up to the letter "O". I've chosen these artist for their entire body of work from a particular series and not just these individual images which just so happen to be my favorites from within the series.

(i've been a fan for a while and I think without even looking at the rest of the list, he'd be my choice for winner)
I'm not sure what he entered, but it's his aerial series of Mexico that I love.

© Pablo Lopez

His (or her? It's all in Spanish) images seem so "snapshot" like, but there is something else about them that is intriguing. They also just stand out from the crowd as something a little different.

© Virgilio Ferreira

Very original work or at least something I've never seen before? The simplicity of the site is great too.

© Alejandro Chaskielberg

Also, I'd like to congratulate Kyle Ford (A local boy!!!) for being in the finalist. Seems like the North Country is going to be the new NYC? Check out Kyle's "Roadside Attractions"...I really like that series.


Kyle said...

Hey Aaron! Thanks for the link on your site and Congrats yourself on making it to round two of Critical Mass! I'm glad you like the Roadside Attractions it's currently a work in progress so I didn't submit it, I need to collect a few more before I exhibit it widely. I did however submit my Second Nature series which is also in progress. If you get a chance you should check it out it's the first portfolio on my site. It deals with an aesthetic language that exist within our culture when dealing with/seeing nature. Make sure to read the statement attached to the first image. Again thanks for the post! And I look forward to seeing you over the holidays!!! I think you should definitely submit to the final round by the way. It's well worth it.

Aaron said...

No problem Kyle. Great work. Keep it up man.

jimmieknuckles said...

I can't help but picture you hovering about your computer , going from portfolio to portfolio, with huey lewis on eleven, and top gun on the tv.throwing back large double shot chai lattes.
My second guess would be that you let hugo pick.