Oct 28, 2008

Photolucida Critical Mass...

So I'm invited to the final stage (i.e. a finalist) for the Photolucida Critical Mass Competition. Deciding on whether to pay each of 200 distinguished jurors $1 each to view my cinemascapes is another story. I suppose if it was one year ago I would jump at the opportunity, but with a few nominations for prestigious events this year already under my lenscap and a NYC gallery signing this year, I'm not sure it's worth it. I'd feel sleazy for one and also after looking at that list, I practically know half the jurors and they already know me.

On the other hand I love to gamble. We live 40 miles from a Casino that the wife and I have been countless times, with and without success. So if there are 175 finalist and 3 are awarded book deals, that's a 1/58.33 chance on winning a possibly lucrative prize? right?

I have until Monday to decide or I'm gone from the finalist pool.

EDIT: I do believe I will roll the dice. Justifying that for $1 per juror it might expose my work to new eyes. I do however see the winners following suit with the previous winners of the last 4 years. Chernobyl, The last Iceberg, The life in Miners, and so on. My work is slightly different from the documentary/social/journalistic trend of winners in this competition.


Andy Frazer said...


I would love to see you submit to the finals, mainly because I want to see you win it this year. I'm not sure I understand the intricacies of the rarified air of the gallery world, but it seems to me that the payoff for winning Critical Mass would really help get your work out there one more time.

Andy Frazer

jimmieknuckles said...

theres a potential gain, weighed against a definite loss,
but of 200 bucks.

unless the intricacies of the fine art world do not allow for it,
i d say to quit smoking and use the dollars for this

Aaron said...

@ andy...thanks man, I appreciate the words! I'm leaning towards doin' it.

@ SeƱor Knuckles... I said I had to pay up by next monday, do you think I'm Dennis Leary or some shit? I don't smoke a carton a day!