Oct 15, 2008

L.E.S. party tomorrow!

The Opening for "Belle Du Jour" at the Collette Blanchard Gallery is 6-8pm and there is a public afterparty at a bar around the corner (can't remember the name of it, but someone at the show can tell you). I will be fashionably late and formally tipsy arriving to that event as there is a smaller after party for the fancy pants who will be attending the opening at an undisclosed location nearby as well, because apparently my pants are fancy?

So this is an open call for all my city folk friends to come out and have some drinks as I'm not in the city too often.

from the site:

The latest addition to the Lower East Side's emerging gallery scene is the Collette Blanchard Gallery on 26 Clinton Street. The Collette Blanchard Gallery is opening its doors on October 16th with it's inaugural exhibition Belle du Jour, the collaborative effort of Blanchard and independent curator, Chrissy Crawford.

Belle du Jour brings together some of the art world's most relevant and contemporary female artists, each imparting on a unique approach to the female figure. Presenting painting, sculpture, works on paper, photography and video; there is a diversity of mediums as well as perspectives. Belle de Jour includes works by Asgar/Gabriel, Sarah Baley, Jane Benson, Libby Black, iona rozeal brown, Zoe Charlton, E.V. Day, Langdon Graves, Julie Heffernan, Tracey Langfitt, Maria Porges, Mickalene Thomas, Cynthia Rowley, Laurie Simmons, Shinique Smith and Cindy Wright.

The group exploration transports the viewer across a wide continuum. The mummified Barbie Dolls of E.V. Day, which reference both embalmed Egyptian queens and captive Islamic women barely visible in their burkas, compliment the lush, self-portraits of historical set paintings of Julie Heffernan. The sexual identity photographs of Sarah Baley share a forum with the graphite drawings of Maria Porges. In their totality, all the exhibiting artists stake their claim to redefining the vocabulary of the female figure imagery.

Curator Chrissy Crawford opened her own art advisory while in London working directly with private clients. Her business moved to New York in 2006 with a focus on independent curating. After fifteen years in the art world, Blanchard has opened her own establishment to focus on her specific vision. She will be exhibiting and representing artists reflecting that cutting-edge point of view. Located in the burgeoning gallery district on the Lower East Side, the space will be within the sphere of the recently relocated New Museum.

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