Aug 12, 2008

Totally Rad!!!

1984 BMX Family (left to right: me, my pops, and my bro)

Put on a pair of 175mm cranks with a 43/16 gear setup on a 20" and get ready! BMX racing has finally been accepted as an Olympic sport and will makes it's debut next week in Beijing. I hope NBC or CBC covers it.

My money is on anyone from a California city with "Santa" in the title.

Here are a few links:

The Track in Beijing
The Schedule for the Olympics
A Video of the Men's finals from the 2007 Worlds in Canada


jimmieknuckles said...

my my, dont you look suave.

my money,

is on a pileup coming out of the gate,

cause no matter how much fun it is to race, and no matter how much fun it is to watch the race,

having some asshole like me yell "oh the humanity" is still the best part

Aaron said...

"my my, dont you look suave."

yeah, anybody would look cool standing next to those other two?!?! who dressed who?

And yeah, BMX is always good for a nice shattered collarbone or two.

Patty M said...

That is the best picture ever.