Aug 18, 2008


disgruntled smoke break.

Time to start pulling cinemascapes out of my ass! Yes, those are leaves that have already changed and will probably drop tonight. Low tonight should be 42°f/9°c... and 36°f/2°c tomorrow night.
Just nature's reminder that our tiny window of summer has officially ended. I must get more scapes in before the white fluffy starts flying and fingers start freezing again!

Oh, and for those of you that threatened to visit me this summer, you better get your butts in gear. The next month is probably the most scenic time of the year up here to do so.


jimmieknuckles said...

does this mean we should be on the lookout for "winter revisited",,
or are you gonna get all brad pitt on us and bust out with a "legends of the fall " series

jimmieknuckles said...

word, and ill be in north country next week. nh, conway, straight up white mountains,

who knows i might surprise you and bring you some chocolates

Aaron said...

there of course will be a winter revisited or else I'd go crazy for the next 7 months or so... but I hope to bust out a buttload of foliagescapes...dying tress, leaves, and mental states.

and ooooh how I love chocolates! Funny thing too, part of my honeymoon was spent in or just outside of conway I think?

Steven said...

Shit that was fast.