Jul 27, 2008

No one can be like Bob...

as much as I keep my interviews open, humorous, and BS free... no one can interview as well and as honest as Bob.

An oldie(to Dylan fans) that I can watch a million times: Bob Dylan 1965 TIME Magazine Interview



jimmieknuckles said...

id love to sit down with bob, and the dsm IV for a couple days. theres symptoms of at least three severe mental disorders going on in that interview. haha

or, i mean, it could just be the dope

youre right though,
nobody interviews quite like bob

CF said...

Well, this is just pretty damn perfect. The lighting is spot on.

(P.S. Hello. How's tricks?)

Aaron said...

well thanks cf. It took 3 drunken hours to get the lighting just right for this shot.

and hello to you too, but pardon me for having no clue what you are talking about regarding "tricks"? I'm also trying to think of all the people I know with intials c & f and I can't... why are you confusing me sooo!!!

CF said...

Tricks = life, work, whatnot.

CF = an old Flickr friend. :)