Jul 28, 2008

book pre-order special price...

UPDATE: This is a pre-order price only. Prices will increase during the show at the gallery and online.

Have you ever wanted to see cinemascapes bigger than 500 pixels on your monitor? Now you can if you pre-order the book now from the drkrm gallery, a limited edition signed book available through this exhibit only and only while supplies last. 30 images from all three series (dark, even daker, winter) in full page spreads of 20" x 8", plus a very humorous interview with the Mexican magazine ecl├ęctica at the back of the book.

"It's 74 pages of hardbound cinemascape goodness."
- my own review

order one for yourself or your secret darkside now!


Andy Frazer said...


Can you give us any information as to when the book will be available?


Aaron said...

hey andy, probably 09/01, but could be a wee bit earlier?

Aaron said...

oh, and if you're near LA September 13, there should be a stack of them at the opening as well.

Steven said...

Just ordered mine! Ka-plow. Now I'm waiting anxiously.

Andy Frazer said...


I just received my copy of your book (#6/50). It's beautiful. The printing and binding quality is great (oh... yeah.. and the photographs look great, too).