Jun 5, 2008

From Blovius...

-15° Fahrenheit self portrait while smoking of course, 2007

These quotes were mentioned this morning on
my father's blog. He has no problem telling people his honest opinion. I, however, will just share these two quotes and not feel the need to tell you that you just might suck at picture taking. Chime in if you have an opinion on these quotes...either here or on his blog here.

"The type of photographs you make, the subjects you single out, reveal the person inside of you."

"Of what use are lens and light to those who lack in mind and sight?"

I can say that I agree 90% of the time with quote #1, but if it is 100% accurate, then someone please explain what this series (a favorite of mine) says about the photographer and the person inside of him:

Bill Sullivan's "More Turns"


Anonymous said...

I remember you telling me about this project, but I never located it...I dig how he documents the turn # as well...I think titles are far more important than we like to think...

...but back to the point, I guess the problem I have is that you can't say the "subject" of the photo reveals something, at least not if you believe you're not really supposed to love what you're shooting more than necessary in most cases...but I agree that the "type" of shot or the way something is shot can reveal some things...

...so, I would say this reveals that Sullivan feels the need to explore what makes him and all of us unique in a time when some believe we're slowly becoming unthinking "numbers" being recorded the way he records images on film...he wants to believe and prove we're not just drones by capturing the subtle difference in each person's expression the moment they pass through the turnstile and see him snapping their portraits...he's disciplined as hell and committed to a vision.

...there's my attempt...feel like I just wrote a horoscope...

If that was a rhetorical question Aaron, my bad...


jimmieknuckles said...

they tell me that bill sullivan feels trapped.
about 80 percent of me agrees with the first quote,
as for the second.
for me, it implies intent.almost to say, ones tools would be useless to them without their vision or thought.
and this i disagree with,
there have been more than a handful of beautiful images created through the years "by accident" , without intent, or with unskilled hands .
aside from accidents,
there are a shit ton of technically sound commercial photographers that make great use of their tools, with no heart in it.

and on the topic of sucking, , should that really matter to anyone aside from the person taking the pictures,
i mean i suppose it depends on if you do this for yourself, or other people

jimmieknuckles said...

oh yeah, and blame it on the gays
its all their fault