Jun 5, 2008

2 men enter. One man leaves...

"the incident at the flume" (click to widen)

is that title a quote from Mad Max? I'm not sure why that quote sticks in my head to go along with this shot? Anyway, just a little journalism photography of an incident at the Wilmington, NY flume along the Au Sable River.

Unfortunately there was nobody around that I could see to interview. So I'm not entirely sure what happened?


jimmieknuckles said...

beyond thunderdome to be specific.

journalism eh,,

is that what youre calling it these days

Aaron said...

yeah,journalism. I figure the images might get more media attention if they're labeled that?

jimmieknuckles said...

duder, i thought you were doing the "secret woodsly eccentric hobson of the north " thing

besides, dont journalists get thrown in foreign jails all the time, i mean, not that you would, but , just using the word might get you a dwi

Steven said...

Hope you turned that canoe over and did some fishin' while you were up there. Looks like the thaw is on.... guess you'll get a foot of snow next week, eh? I mean hockey season DID just end, right?

Aaron said...

@ steven

I grew up in Pittsburgh (we just lost the cup to Detroit), so no I didn't turn the canoe over and fish.

To let out aggression I actually threw the canoe from the 35ft. ledge where I was standing and then lept in moments later.