Jun 10, 2008

finally representin' stateside

So I'm pretty stoked that I finally landed my first U.S. rep/dealer. So in context with yesterday's analogy of music/photography, I landed my first record contract I suppose? ha.

It is with the Rosier Gallery out of the semi-sunny city of San Fran, Cali.. It is a private art dealer specializing in contemporary photography. The actual gallery is appointment only. They show a range of work by mid-career and emerging photographers and also some of the world's most well-known photographers, including Diane Arbus, Adam Fuss, William Eggleston, Alec Soth, Massimo Vitali and Thomas Wrede.

Anyway, this will be an exciting start to my summer and I can't say enough about the owner. I haven't met him in person yet, but I've gathered enough to know that he is extremely down to earth and really knows what he is doing. I love a lot of the other photographers on his roster (see my Kate Pollard post for one example) and I hopefully will be a nice compliment to his group.

you can see the selection of my images on his exhibition page where my work will be featured from June 5 - September 2



Congratulations my friend !!
See you

Aaron said...

merci ma dame!

jimmieknuckles said...

congrats my duder,
thats some super freshness,
well deserved if you ask me, its about time someone decided to rep for a brother

somebody gonna make it rain for the hobson

Aaron said...

oh, your link was like some kind of rain dance. See new post for the damage done!

Steven said...

Fantastic. If you ask me, you're very deserving of representation, Aaron. Congrats!