Jun 11, 2008

The band plays on...

"swamp fiddler" part of no series in particular

“It sounds like the hardest-hit areas of the village are Helen Street, at the top of Helen Hill, Forest Home Road and Ampersand (Avenue),” Dobson said."

That is our town's Fire Chief (Dobson) assessing the damage of a mini hurricane/tornado/hail storm/ freakfest that hit our cozy hamlet last night. And "Helen St., at the top of Helen Hill" is pretty much the same as saying the Hobson residence.

I wasn't a brave enough photojournalist to go out and get a shot of it though sorry. I was just trying to make sure that the live wires that were sparking and sizzling and dangling all over the street and in the driveway didn't burn the house down and harm my women (wife + abby the dog) and children.

One local kid already posted a video. It's painfully long and boring, but in the first 20 seconds you can see a 40 ft' tree in the center of his video (when he isn't flailing all over the place with it) swaying like tall grass in the breeze.

local kid with his viddy cam

full story on our local newspaper website with up to the minute news from our crackerjack team of local reporters


jimmieknuckles said...

"didnt burn the house down and harm my women" hahah thats classic,

i hope there wasnt any damage to the hobson homefront, with this new rep and all ,you might have to do an episode of cribs.

and personally, ive always thought of you as more of a hambone guy

Aaron said...

no damage. miraculously! trees down left righ front back of house, but house has some sort of force field around it.

hambone. ha. Maybe I should try that. My instrument is totally fiddliscious but I can't even play a lick.

I just made that up. you like it?

jimmieknuckles said...

is it possible youre talking about this

, either way, when it comes down to it, i think that a man beating on himself with vocal harmony is possibly one of the purest forms of expression on this earth.

i just made that up,
you like it?

today i blame the jews

Anonymous said...

...figures...a kick ass storm and I leave the day before...glad to hear you all are safe...


Steven said...

Glad to hear y'all are ok.