Jun 6, 2008


I'm not sure why or what I was really thinking when I started this blog a few months ago? Maybe just to join the club? The other photographers were doin' it, why not me?

Now I've discovered what the real benefits of having one are for me anyhow. The comments, emails, and debates that are coming in as of late are an amazing inspiration. Not flickr-like inspiration such as "super dope photo man!", but inspiration that might be found by living near other people, sitting down over a few pints and talking all things art. As you may or may not know, I live in a 6 million acre state park and other than The Landscapist (aka my ole' man) and my brilliantly creative and always inspiring wife, plus a small handful of other locals (james #2 don't feel left out) there aien't too many folks to talk "shop" with round here.

I've been on a bender for more shots, pushing my boundaries, and thinking a lot more about "stuff" lately as a result. It's great to start a little network of like-minded people. Keep it comin' ya'll!

le cinémasagiste


r.h.i. said...

wow - great formating of teh words. excellent text-processing! a fav!

... uhm, just kidding - i surely do understand what you mean - i guess the quality of comments and feedback in an environment like this - where commenting isn't about drawing attention to one's photostream is on a completely different level, more 'real-worldly' and much more gratifying. i'm glad you started this blog - saddened me when i found your account on flickr to be deleted

wish i wasn't so stressed-out (as always hehe) so i could get my blog up and running as well, finally (no wise words - just my crappy pictures etc.)

anyways, i'll be coming back - might even pester your inbox with weird and incoherent mails once in a while hrhr

Aaron said...

@ rhi

yes, more just conversation and "shooting the shit" than BS compliments on photos.

And I'm not as gifted in speak as my father is on his blog, so I just initiate debate and chime in. You won't see more than a few sentences of talk ever coming from me.

But I'm glad folks are contributing to debates or just "shooting the shit".

emails from you my friend will not be a pester!

bring it on!

jimmieknuckles said...

aaaahhhh a gentle moment of reflection from the north.
i must admit, its nice to spout jibberish here and there on your posts.
its definitely a high note in the mix of armbands

Anonymous said...

i think the most inspiring comments i get on flickr are the ones that are like daggers. real and genuine harsh critique. it's just too bad there is NONE of that kind of commentary found there. to be killed by soft gloves--by people who perhaps don't realize how bad my stuff really is!

glad to find your work, your thoughtfulness again.


Steven said...

Cool! Keep up the great work and blog, Aaron. The comments and conversations are certainly good ones.