Apr 16, 2008

I shot myself yesterday

"the bureau" (click to widen)
part of the 'isolation' series

Spring around here consists of melting snow and mud. We just hit 60 degrees for the first time this year...lows still in the upper 20's at night though, so I'll be shooting inside for at least another week or two until things look purdy.


Anonymous said...

Aaron...dig the isolation series underway. The paths to various rooms in "the bureau" adds nice depth/suspense of some sort to this narrative I think.

When you get a chance, check out this guy if you haven't already: http://www.jasonlazarus.com/. An interesting take on the "self portrait"...


Aaron said...

Thanks James, I dig the quirkyness of Lazarus' SP's. Cool link.

I think there will be a bunch more "I shot myself yesterday" posts on the way. Spring has finally sprung me!

in the words of Bob Dylan...

"I got a head full of ideas
That are drivin' me insane"

Steven said...

Ahhh, the thaw will undoubtedly bring inspiration and great images.

I'm just glad my thaw starts about 4 weeks sooner than Upstate's. :-)

Patty M. said...

Love this one, the various points and paths and all that. Glad to see some new work.

Missing your comments on Flickr :)