Aug 2, 2010

the state of things

I love lush lawns and bug-free nights.
(but I don't love optimized jpegs...better viewed in person at 40" on a wall)

reclined © cinemascapist 2010


ESfishdoc said...

This makes me think of so many patients who have been delivered to my ER... and one just the other day.... found on the railroad tracks... BAC was .453 (could possibly kill an amateur. I'm also reminded.... "been there, done that..." Just wanted to say hi and tell you I check here regularly and see and read all your posts/images. Are you still shooting with the 7D? What lens?... As usual I admire your work and I'm inspired (in odd ways perhaps..) Richard

Aaron said...

Hey Richard! I need to check out your travel shots. Sounds like you had a great trip! Yes, still shooting with the 7D and a pentax 50mm 1.7 prime. A very very different lens than previous years and it's quite obvious to me the difference in the 2010 images from the 2009 images.