May 19, 2010

A remake of a lost photograph (a sad story)...

the station - revisited
© cinemascapist, 2010 (part of the dark series)

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3+ years ago when I first picked up a camera, I was a big fan of sharing my work on flickr. Not having any ambitions of anything more than posting cool shots to flickr groups. Once I learned my pictures were unique and "people" started t appreciate and spend more money than I had on my photos, I realized that many of my original images were fucked with a capital "F".

I had never imagined printing them or showing them at anything other than 72dpi on Flickr. Needless to say I found myself in a pickle. Many of my favorite and favorites of others were lost and "f"ucked forever. Saved at 72dpi and flattened. "f"ucked.

I've tried to re-shoot several of those over the years and never been satisfied. I'm not sure this (image above) is any better than the original, but I'm happy about the outcome. I've had major amounts of family tragedy recently and this image is a result of the release of that stress and emotional rollercoaster. "f"ucked... I can't believe I saved SO many images at 72dpi?!?!


Elephi Pelephi said...

I did the same stupid thing. My pictures don't fetch the kind of money yours do, but some people have requested prints of my earlier images and all I can tell them is "Sure. It'll have to be 2" by 3" though."

Sorry to hear about your family tragedies.

Aaron said...

at least it makes it interesting, eh? I have about 2 or 3 more that I need to reshoot this summer.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Fractals Pro for photoshop? This thing is magic when doing a highres.