Mar 29, 2010


"sleeveless by a frozen lake with a fuck you salute"
© cinemascapist (part of no particular series)
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- It's spring and the dogshit and cigarette butts are surfacing.
- The ice is melting slowly in the front yard from the 30 degree rain day after day.
- Teabaggers are gathering to pout about Obama with less than 3% of the creativity of the previous administrations Anti-Bush demonstrators.
- Today's pop music absolutely fucking sucks.
- Bills and shit are piling up as I try to find unobtainable funding for a photo project this spring in Pittsburgh.
- nobody is buying art.
- I've been sick for 5 days and counting.
- Democrats push for New York State budget that threatens my job and those of thousands in our northern region.
- Dickheads are still dickheads.
- I wear sleeveless shirts by frozen lakes.
- it's almost spring and I'll be happy again.


tjbrearton said...

- i heard about this budget thing and its kind of scary
- i think you're referring to "tea partiers" when you say teabaggers, but i'm not sure
- you should sell your art on lay-away
- sleeveless is the new twenty
- sorry about the cold rain 'n shit...i'm in florida :D

Cody said...

You thought about trying ?

jimmieknuckles said...

i approve this message