Jan 19, 2010

"(unfortunately) there's an app for that"

PHOTOCADDY APP description for iphone... (my notes in bold)

Amateurs and professionals alike know that taking good photos can be hard (sure...okay... so what?). There are many settings and things to consider (I guess, but not really), and far too often a photo of that beautiful scene just doesn't turn out well (that's a shame. I'll try again and practice more).
Wouldn't it be great if you had someone with you all the time suggesting what settings to use, where to point the camera, and when the best photos can be taken (fuck no! that sounds like it would suck!)?

Here's what PhotoCaddy can offer you: • Guidance for over 50 different situations, from castles to rainbows to babies and everything in between (what about babies on rainbows?) • Over 500 unique tips on how to take the best photos in each situation (can you guarantee they will be the best photos and if so, who will agree with me that they are?) • Typical settings you can use for each situation (typical? I want the best! not typical!) • Clear, simple directions that even beginners can follow, but with enough depth for more advanced photography (so it's for everybody?... cool!) • Sample images for inspiration and ideas (cool!) • Note taking features (for you or me? who's taking these notes and what do I know? that's your job.)

Whether you are serious about photography or simply just want to improve your travel album (I look forward to improving my travel album, but am not too serious about it.) PhotoCaddy will be there to help you in any situation. Get your caddy and start taking better photos today (hell yeah I will!)!


Ben said...

Hi there - I'm the developer of PhotoCaddy. You do point out a few issues with my poorly put together sales copy, which has woken me up a little. Time for a revision.

Although there's some new features coming very soon, babies on rainbows won't be making an appearance - unless you vote for it.

Thanks for the laugh and I hope you do find SOME use in the app, as many others have.

jimmieknuckles said...

"from castles to rainbows to babies and everything in between"

i might be wrong here, but im pretty sure babies on rainbows falls under "everything in between"
so id like to vote that they make an appearance.
id also like to vote for unicorns,and frames of tila tequila so i can add myself and my friends into pictures with her

Elephi Pelephi said...

It's for the plebs, dear...