Dec 5, 2009

nikon festival entry...

the hut © the cinemascapist 2009

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It's like a commissioned project that doesn't pay meets a $100K grant lottery ticket. Even though I'm dubious that I had to enter my camera make & model for a Nikon contest that states "it doesn't matter what camera you use", because if it didn't matter, why make it mandatory to reveal that info? I'm also dubious because I shot my film with a Canon.

Like I give a rat's ass about the camera clubs... Nikon vs. Canon vs. Olympus vs. Large Format vs. Megapixels vs. Photoshop vs. etc... I have whatever gear I can get my hands on cheaply and that will do at least half of what I have in my head. Most of it is hand-me-down from my father and most of that is just the kit crap.

It's all in your head... literally.

I had a challenge shooting this "survivor man style" short, but am pleased with the steadiness of the camera and lens. I had the tripod and it's legs in all sorts of bizarre places to shoot half of this while I was walking and filming. Plus, it was pouring rain.

I again left this footage "raw" as I'm still learning the basics of after effects and the limitations of huge files on my older Macintosh. I have made a few 10 second clips that damn near replicate my photographs with editing of color hues, blurs, contrasts, et al... but even 10 seconds with all those effects can take 45 minutes to render with my meak 1.5GB of ram. I can't tell you how much it sucks to wait that long and then find a tiny mistake and have to do it all over again. Imagine my despair if that happened with a 5 minutes (estimated 6 hour rendering time) short? So I guess for certain things equipment DOES matter.

"sit back and strech your sack" - kyuss

enjoy the clip.


jimmieknuckles said...

so are you now adding beer cans to the arsenal of props in the hatch?

Aaron said...

no Jim... I always drink at 8am. I was thirsty after all the climbing.

I remember that sweet outfit you had for me when we shot the medianscapes. Remember the yellow tank top and soccer ball?

jimmieknuckles said...

i sold that shirt for 40 bucks on ebay, no joke. and the soccer ball is now in my backyard