Nov 1, 2009

brief intermission (pictures of nature)

earth/sky © cinemascapist 2009 (click for larger version)

Possibly out of sheer boredom or some other circumstance unbeknown to me, I ventured out for a 2 hour walk with a camera, no tripod and no narratives in mind. This may be the first time I've shot like this in 2-3 years? No intention to do anything more than picture some good old adirondack nature while walking the dog, I somehow stumbled upon a fun series of earth and sky portraits (plus my feet). Decorative more than anything else, this is as far out of the norm as anything I typically shoot.

what's next... probably a fire and water series! haha!


jimmieknuckles said...

it might be just me, but is a little of your father creeping into your processing?
p.s. when are you coming to visit

Aaron said...

I can sort of see that in these images. But the old man didn't invent square vignetted landscapes.

How's the music scene down there. I've got at least 20 bands I love that hail from your town. Seems like you could find a good band every night if you wanted to.

jimmieknuckles said...

i definitely was not referring to anything square or vignetted. maybe its in the sensor, but theres something you two do alike i cant quite pin down, i think its most evident in your stuff from the past 12to18 months.
music is dope, last week it was butthole surfers, coming up is just about everything else