Aug 31, 2009

the role of the portal/doorway?

I'm still not sure if it was my subconscious, but 4 out of 5 of the images thus far from this series involve doorways all located in similar positions. I've always tried to push the panoramic and try new things with them. So shooting multiple frames that flow through multiple rooms is nothing new to me. But the part about it that works in favor of this series in particular (involving apocalyptic dreams and perhaps premonitions) is the definition of a portal...

A portal in fiction is a magical or technological doorway that connects two distant locations, whether separated by time or, most commonly, space.

Places that a portal will link to include: a different spot in the same universe; a parallel world; the past or the future; and other planes of existence, like heaven, hell or other afterworlds.

l also believe that portals or doorways can be closed, just in the same manner that in my dreams I cannot reach or get to my loved ones. There always seems to be something slowing me down or getting in my way. I can see them, but cannot get to them.

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Clarence said...

The Son. The Father. The… HOLY SHIT!
The portal of your dream may not be seeing an apocalyptic future, but an apocalyptic past/present. The recognition of the end of The Aaron as he knew him. If you believe that the doorways may represent something in your subconscious mind, look at the placement of the figures within the doorways and think again.