Aug 20, 2009

cinemascape noir

moleman © the cinemascapist

I had a little fun myself during the workshop I conducted last weekend. Thought I'd switch it up a little with this dream-like, post-apocalyptic, black & white moleman scenario.

I don't know about you, but I only recall the forms, shapes, and locations of my dreams. I never seem to recall if they were in color? I see dreams as B&W if I were to recreate them.


Emily said...


love it Hobson.

Chris S. said...

Awesome. Looks like a planet of the apes face looking over the cement ledge to left of the steel post.

ESfishdoc said...

I like it. Dark, toxic.

Same here with black and white dreams... frequently out of focus and distant. Once every couple of years a dream in color... it is said women dream more in color... try a bubble bath and go to sleep with your wig on.

Aaron said...

"try a bubble bath and go to sleep with your wig on"

hahaha! I'll try that.

Clarence said...