Jun 24, 2009

I hate heat, but some people don't even feel it?

Kids enjoy a soccer game on June 21, 2009 in Botshabelo near Bloemfontein, South Africa. (Jasper Juinen/Getty Images)

This photo taken from the Boston Globes newest installation of "the Big Picture" (link) baffles me. It's always baffled me how natives of extremely hot regions of the earth can tolerate the heat. More so, how the hell they can dress in sweaters, toques, and long pants? What gives? I was on the isolated island of South Andros in the Bahamas a few years back and it dropped down to 88 degrees one night and everyone on the tiny island was wearing 1990's Oakland Raider type Starter Jackets, and wool hats. I was in shorts, no underwear, and the thinnest cotton shirt and was miserable and sweating.

I just don't understand how that works? (click on the image and enlarge it. look at all of their warm outfits and especially the little guy second from the left. It's a heavy demin or corduroy looking coat with fur trim and the collars are up! holy shit, I'd die in that.)


Daniel said...

This was shot during a highveld (Johannesburg) winter, where temperatures do go below 10 degrees.

Andy Frazer said...

My niece grew up in Nevada, but she's staying with us for the summer. Yesterday it was 88F, so my wife turned on the A/C. My niece came out of her room wearing a heavy sweater and a wool scarf!

But I'm with you, Aaron. 68-70F is ideal for me, 80 is uncomfortable, and 85F is sweltering.


Aaron said...

@ daniel: ahhh...that explains it a little bit, but I've still seen folk wearing sweaters and toques in hotter weather. But thanks, didn't know it got that low (celsius) in South Africa.

@ andy: yeah, I can't stand it. Humid and hot today. I'm miserable and grumpy.

jimmieknuckles said...

it might be possible that the actual amount of coverage they use for clothing has some correlation to the fact that theyre black, which so far as i am aware absorbs radiant heat moreso that other colors.
so it might be that the clothes actually keep hem cooler

Aaron said...

I can buy that logic jim.

Mollie said...

I could never live where you live. In even our winters down here in Atlanta, I can never get warm. Also, I'm solar powered and have no energy during a dreary winter. Sunshine is my friend :)