Jun 11, 2009

climbing above the Monongahela River

"climbing above the monongahela river"

"climbing above the monongahela river" detail

"climbing above the monongahela river" detail

One thing I took away from my return to Pittsburgh besides a game six win, alcohol, and reminiscing with friends, was the regained enthusiasm for my "dark" and "even darker" series'.

I began "femme verite" because it was something I wanted to do for some time, but also because of the decline of creativity and enthusiasm towards my other series. I thought I had exhausted memories from my youth in Pittsburgh and things were beginning to feel forced. Then after only 3 days in Pittsburgh I forgot all about femme verite and my mind was full of shots for the previous series of works. The sights and smells of being back in my hometown was an overload to my creativity and sense and that spark came back. Unfortunately the time to go back home came as well. Not before I cashed in on one cinemascape on my way out of town wednesday morning. Wish I had a month back there.

Makes me wonder about location and it's effect on the creative process. What results would 3 months in the Côte d'Azur in Southern France produce? 3 months in Manhattan? 3 months in Cuba? etc...?

Maybe time will tell?


Jack Nelson said...

You should come down to Chiapas and see what it does to your photography. Maybe we could work out a house exchange. Or better yet get some grant to pay for it all.

Aaron said...

mexico does intrigue me.