Jun 18, 2009

cinemascapist app for iphone

Rob Haggart mentions a new app from Men's Health magazine over on his blog (aphotoeditor.com) today.

It got me thinking. Why not have someone create an app that makes anyone a cinemascapist? I mean I'm not threatened by others bitin' my style, it actually humbles me and inspires me to push my work further and become more inventive, etc...

Here's how it would work...

You and Betty Sue are visiting the Great Wall of China. Betty Sue poses for a photo (see below)

Next you go to your iCinemascapist app template (see below for very basic cinemascape template)

Then you position it to where you like on your photo and apply said template (see below)! voila! you've got's yourself cinemascape of sorts and now you are a cinemascapist. Of course it's basic and doesn't have the hours of targeted dodging and burning that a real one possesses, but it takes your photo of Betty Sue to a whole new level! right? ;)

So where are all the app designers at? give me a shout, we'll make our first million in 2 months!


jimmieknuckles said...

my phone has a pano setting,sort of. it will autostitch up to three photos. sort of dope

Aaron said...

that's pretty cool. Does it work well?

We aien't got AT&T up here in the wilderness so I can't buy an iphone until that happens or the iphone is available on verizon. I got the touch but it doesn't take pictures.

jimmieknuckles said...

yeah, i got one of em touch jammies. sorta dope. and a sucka like me switched to verizon, now i take it slow,dry and deep, all the day long.
the stitch works pretty well actually, as well as anything that comes out of a 2 mega pix camera i suppose. i thought it was a pretty awesome feature.