Jun 4, 2009

6' 5" Governor Pataki (and me)...

Our former Governor George E. Pataki and his towering 6 foot 5 inch frame
(and me). circa 2002

Even 7 years ago (a younger me at 24) I was always shooting myself. I was supposed to be shooting Pataki for my job, but apparently had to have my big head and furry rabbit hat in frame as well. That's the governor over my right shoulder (viewer's left).

Probably a good example why I don't shoot editorial.

note: it was 7am, and probably hovering around 0 degrees (Farenheit), that and no coffee might explain the maniacal slightly sociopathic look on my face and in my eyes. I don't quite remember?

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jimmieknuckles said...

apparently your pupils are shy