May 29, 2009

Lord Stanley Lord Stanley...

cinemascapist in action during an old man's league pickup game.

I've been out of touch with the blog and most of life lately. In my "other" life I spent 14 years playing hockey in Pittsburgh and 1 year of Juniors in Sweden (then I discovered alcohol and women and my physical health went to hell).

That said, I've been glued to the TV and the Penguins for the last month. I was at the igloo during the Cup victory in '91 & was not too far down the street in '92, and I have a road trip on the agenda for later this week to possibly/hopefully see that happen again.

Normal programming shall returning soon.


Jack Nelson said...

Good luck to the Pens. My Bruins have been eliminated and Pittsburgh is my second choice. Unfortunately, I can't get hockey on TV down here in Mexico.

Aaron said...

what? no hockey in Mexico? the stanley cup finals will be on must be able to find NBC down there?

Too bad for the bruins, they've been waiting a long while for a cup. But I sure hope this is the year for the pens.

Jack Nelson said...

Yeah, well if I had satellite TV I might be able to find it, but I live in southern Mexico, a long way from the Great White North (hell even baseball is hard to find on TV here).