May 6, 2009

abandoned schoolhouse... abandoned writing

abandoned 19th century schoolhouse © 2007

I had to fill out some paperwork the other day and realized I hadn't used a pen and paper in probably months, maybe more? It felt odd holding a pen and writing full sentences. I sign my name several times a day when using my debit/credit card, but that's not the same as writing multiple words along a line. What I wrote looked like shit!

Bizarre! Almost as bizarre as the abandoned, turn of the century, schoolhouse I found in the woods a few years ago. Complete with chalkboard (w/ writing still on it), kitchen, and outhouse. It was as if the tenants left without warning? Places were still set at the table, pots and pans on the stove...newspaper from the early 70's still folded on the table (which dates their departure), and more. I'm Doubting it had wi-fi though.

FYI - I just finished an interview for a Lithuanian Photography School...and I can't imagine how much it would suck if I had to write my responses on paper, find an envelope thing, go to that postal office place I've heard about and buy a sticker to mail it overseas?


Lori said...

I loved this series -- they're how I first discovered you on Flickr.

Aaron said...

thanks Lori, that place was amazing! They must have a caretaker of the property and I must have left evidence of being there, because it was boarded up and deadbolted shortly after I shot there.

Even more disappointing because I would love to do a c-scape in that place.