Apr 15, 2009

useless poll of the week #2

results are in...

useless poll question (updated weekly): if you were abandoned on a island and could only have one thing, would it be a...

best friend 1 (14%)

sexy friend 6 (85%)

TV with 230 stations 0 (0%)

weapon of your choice 0 (0%)

pet hamster 0 (0%)

So we have one person that wants the company of a close friend (oh so boring!), 6 people that need to get their sexy time on, and nobody apparently feels the need to shoot stuff, watch TV, or cuddle with a hamster.

These polls and the subsequent results are my guiding light. I'm so glad I started them. Keep those votes coming so I can have some sort of direction and purpose in life.

so anyway, new poll is up, rock the vote.

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