Apr 20, 2009


My most recent image (from previous post) was loosely based/inspired by Vermeer's portraits of ladies by windows...

So I wasn't entirely surprised when an artist friend of mine (without prior knowledge of the inspiration behind the shot) said it reminded her of a Vermeer. But I was completely surprised to her reason why. She didn't comment on the light or the lovely lady (me blushes) basking in it, but it was the floor.

Not being an art history buff, or anything more than a dude that enjoys looking at good paintings, I didn't have a vast knowledge of Vermeer's work in my head. Hence the phrase "loosely based/inspired" So I did more research through the google machine and couldn't believe that he used a b&w checkerboard floor panel in almost every single painting that wasn't a close-up portrait.

That's some bizarre serendipitous shit right there if you ask me... Don't ya' think?

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