Apr 7, 2009

F1 photographer Martin Trenkler: revisited

Two wild weeks into the 2009 Formula 1 season and I anxiously await Martin Trenkler's (link) updates to his website. Not sure if it's his travel schedule or what, but none of the 2009 images have appeared on his site yet. I've been a fan of his for a while and have been saving up for a triptych of images that I have contacted him about purchasing as well. He even has a book for sale, but the link on his site is dead, so I'm off to google for it.

If you like Formula 1, his site is a must see. If you like great composition, angles, colors, and playful techniques in photography, then his site is a must see. If you just like looking at girls holding grid signs before races, then his site is also a must see. The playfulness and overall chilled mood of the images, to me, seems to reflect how happy this dude is photographing F1 all over the world.

p.s. I'm not hopping from mcclaren to brawn, but being Mercedes powered I think it's ok to root them on a little. Plus, Barrichello and Button are such good guys, they deserve it.


Adam said...

His China photographs are up now. Excellent shots, especially the one of Massa.

He's had a piece written about him on F1 Badger too - quite interesting! http://www.f1badger.com/2009/04/f1-photographer/

Aaron said...

that Massa shot is hot!

thanks for the head's up Adam.