Mar 23, 2009

hit the snooze button...see ya in a few...

is this thing still on?

The seasons are in limbo and so am I. No shooting. No shows. No news. No NYC trips. Nothing.

Normally I'd be relaxing with my 5th tequila and lime juice on some sunny beach (in our secret undisclosed location) this time of year, so my brain has not yet come out from under the snow and ice along with the dirt, cigarette butts, and other debris that surrounds me.

So even though I'm sitting here sober in still frigid temperatures, consider this to be a little vacation time on the blog. Be back soon refreshed and full of the interesting tidbits that keep ya'll coming back.

in the meantime... enjoy these lo-quality drunken-arm-tripod videos from our previous adventures somewhere on an island near the equator.

drinking at the bar with winky (our cabby)

Party at a hut of some sort. I always found it odd that natives to tropical regions can wear dawn winter parkas and hats (see above video) in 60-70 weather and complain that it's freezing?

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