Mar 16, 2009

Compilation is not a crime...

This guy's work is brilliant. Compiling samples from hundreds of youtube videos, video producer Kutiman creates songs and arrangements that are simply amazing. The finished songs are played alongside with a video that shows the samples and instruments that were involved.

Track 2 "this is what it became" is a great reggae mix and "just a lady" and "someday" include gorgeous vocals by two unknown ladies. One of which is casually sitting in her kitchen with baby on lap

these compilations remind me of the the title of the Sleepy LaBeef album "it aien't what you eat, it the way how you chew it". very creative stuff... enjoy...

"this is what is became" reggae sound (link)

"someday" (link)

"just a lady" (link)

thanks to my friend jon for the heads up about these.

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