Mar 9, 2009

art, hangovers, and girls peeing

meditacion © Eugenio Merino

Between bout's of nausea, body aches, and the general brain fog from a Friday night/Saturday mid-morning of unadulterated NYC fun, The wifey and I somehow managed to visit several of the art fairs.
Extremely inspiring work. More-so from the paintings, sculptures, and installation art than from the photography.

The biggest inspiration from the weekend (might make it's way into the new femme verite series) had to be the girl on Rivington in the Lower East Side that was standing in front of us with her mini-skirt up around her belly, panties pull over to the side, and stream of piss coming down like an urban waterfall for all to see.


Chris S. said...

What, no photo of the girl peeing. Your'e not one of these photographers who carries a camera everywhere then?

Aaron said...

nope, don't carry a camera. I record things in my mind and shoot them later the way I interpreted them. As soon as winter goes away, there will be a photo of a girl peeing. ;)