Mar 30, 2009

2 for 1.... Workshop + Exhibit

If you're going to attend a workshop and spend the time shooting with other participants and an instructor, I'd imagine you would want to share the results of that work with them as well? A slideshow presentation through a projector or on a computer screen is one way to cram all that together and glance at each photographer's images for a few minutes a piece. Another option is to have each photographer hang a 24" x 36" of their results and have a group exhibit that allows for the sipping of wine and nibbling of cheese while moseying about and taking as long as you like to view all the work (prints and reception paid for).

With that latter option in mind, I am excited to introduce the Barkeater Adirondack Photography Workshop + Exhibit. An intensive 3 day workshop that includes classroom critique and discussion on the narrative portrait, 10+ hours of shooting in amazing locations (meander through my portfolio to get a taste of the locales), Post-processing techniques and tips, exhibit preparation and image selection
... all culminating to a final night with a public opening for the Group show. Limited to only 8 people, the group will be very closely knit and will spend time enjoying each other's company both during the daily workshop and in the evenings for loosely organized group dinners.

My goal is for this first year to be successful and to provide both a summer and fall workshop in subsequent years. Check out more details on the workshop website here.

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