Jan 16, 2009

SPOT'D (01/16/09)

back to our regularly scheduled program...

Today's SPOT'D from flickr is my favorite from the self portrait search results because it is one of those elusive candid self portraits, or at least it comes across as one. I believe I've spoken before (either internal dialogue with myself or on the blog?) about candid self portraits?

This one reminds me of my Hatman in Europe vacation photos (link) I took during a trip to France and England for one of my openings last year. As my regular readers can attest, I don't like taking photos unless they involve a staged narrative of some sort. No recreational family snapshots for me. But I couldn't conceive of taking a trip like that and have nothing at all to remember it by. So I took along my 4 year old son's compact 5mp Kodak camera and without framing or posing I would whip it out at some major touristy spot (the Louvre, Tower Bridge, Arc de Triomphe, etc...) and snap a pic. _Action Jackson's shot reminds me of that style.

"01.15.09 me + brick" by _Action Jackson (link)

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