Jan 6, 2009

SPOT'D (01/06/09)

both images titled "1/6/09" by visibleducts

Sometimes images are uploaded to flickr for reasons unknown to most. These "cutter" images bring up an incident I read about a few weeks ago. The incident involved a suicide via webcam (link). Hundreds watched, joked, encouraged it, tried to help, but no one truly knew if it was for real until the next morning with the feed still streaming, police came into frame and it became evident that it was not a prank.

This actually all shares some inspiration/motivation for a new project I have been brewing for sometime and am slowly but surely beginning to work on. Mine is much less troubling and is sexually slanted and borderline humorous, but it's still about the accessibility into other people's lives that has never happened to this extent throughout the history of mankind without the help of the world wide web.

Unlike my cinemascapes that are self-portraits with no need for planning and/or model meetings/scheduling/etc... This series is gonna take a long ass time. No more cranking out 100 shots a year, this will be more like a few shots a month at best. My goal is for 25-30 "keepers" within two years.


jimmieknuckles said...

today, i blame the interweb

VisibleDucts said...

Self-harm and suicide are both serious issues that, so long as they are stigmatized or misunderstood, may not be handled appropriately.
I don't know the intentions of the person who committed suicide, but my reasons for uploading these (and many more with similar content) to flickr are not too hard to guess, I hope. Capturing my life, highlighting aspects of myself that are important to a creating a complete picture of myself, refusing to hide, wanting to be seen, etc. And if I can help make cutters seem more like real people and less like melodramatic fictions, then thats good too.

mosaiq. said...
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mosaiq. said...

i've posted a shot of one of my old scars from cutting, when i was in a weird mood, and the other time with all diffrent kind of scars (operation and accidents,...)
so in my case the reasons where smilar to visibleducts.
i don't know what makes other people do this...
in my multimediacollege i have been my diplomawork was a website for a community which takes care of ppl who need psychical care, and we had a main focus on suicidal ppl.there was a big discussion about installing a discussion board on this website. the sponsors where afraid of it getting a "suicide forum" where people discuss the best way to comit suicide...
the project was never finished

i am very corious bout your new project.