Dec 12, 2008

a sweet SP find...

2007.07.03; Unknown, (Self-portrait?), photograph (1920?)

A fantastic blog I just discovered that is like a penny candy store for all of us SP folk out there!... all SP's all the time! And very well curated I might add.
from the site description: This is a collection of self-portraits. The aim of the blog is to bring artists’ own images together from across periods, styles, and places. The self-portraits are purchased online, from galleries and art schools, found at garage sales, donated, or bought directly from the artist. A new self-portrait is posted each Thursday.
Mostly unknown artist or "hobbyist" (which makes it all the more interesting) and a fair amount of painting/drawing, but there are some pretty damn good finds!

Above and below are just a few of my favorites from the site. I've also added it to the link list (which I suck at updating as there are way more sites I frequent then what is listed) for future reference.

2008.02.08; Jeremy Lang, (self-portrait from ‘Pissing in Paris’ series), photograph (2003)

2007.11.04; Belenen, Body Love at Every Angle, photograph (2007)

2007.11.01; Jérémy Bidaud, Histoire de couple, photograph (2007)

2007.08.02; n a d i r a h, Untitled Self Portrait, photograph (2007)

2006.03.01; Angelina McCormick, Self-portrait, photograph (2006)

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