Dec 5, 2008

A strange love for Dr. Strangelove

Canadian artist Kristan Horton (unfortunately his site is "under construction" since august) has an wonderfully healthy infatuation with the great Kubrick film Dr. Strangelove. Stuck without a TV he was forced to watch the film over "700 times" on a monitor at his studio. From this time alone between himself and the film comes this brilliant and borderline neurotic series of diptychs of film stills alongside cleverly crafted sets. I do wonder if I were to look at the entire set without the film stills if I would have been able to guess what it was all about? But that's a stupid question and I should shut up because that's not the point of his work. I hate when people do that to other people's work.

With his site under construction here is a good interview by the wonderful Morning News. I enjoy all of their weekly interviews with artists (especially mine...ha).

Not self-portrait, but I like it. So just enjoy and stop complaining dammit!

Sorry 'bout kid had me up all night and I'm "grumpy bear" as he (kid aka Hugo) likes to call me.

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