Dec 29, 2008

for the longevity of the "scapist"...

a small sampling of the 60+ cinemascapes built up and stored away in the secret vault.

With only 2 years of shooting under my belt and a breakneck first year of exposure, I think it's time to size up 2009 and plan what's next on the agenda. After the first year of photographing and developing my niche as the cinemascapist with the cinemascape style, I had an overwhelming year of solo exhibits from LA to NYC to London with 4 group shows as well. The PR was great, and the recognition at some top awards ceremonies was gravy on my skinny turkey legs.

Given the economic hardships we have seen recently and my desire to break out into a new version and fairly different style of "[insert project name] -scapes". I'm thinking 2009 will be a return to 2007 when I was just shooting and doing what I like to do best. Finding that new thing and really digging in. It would be nice to forget about all the printing, framing, scheduling, marketing, meeting, etc... that goes on daily when you have 4 solo and 4 group shows all in one year on 2 seperate continents. Now that I've got 2 really great Dealers now on both coasts that can do their magic with the current "scape" project, I'm gonna concentrate on getting back to what I love and bringing something fresh in 2009 so that hopefully 2010 is a repeat of 2008 but even grander. Fuck that one-hit wonder syndrome people like Vanilla Ice get stuck with.

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