Oct 3, 2008

running around...

Photo: Reuters

I like to take a second to apologize for the lack of posts recently. I have been busy as Mr. Bolt running around getting ready for a solo exhibit that is opening November 13th in New York City. Yeah, that's November 2008. Somewhat last minute. This entails several daytrips (11 hour drivetime) to NYC for proofing, meeting with framer, talking to gallery, etc...

The exhibit is taking place at the Collette Blanchard Gallery on Clinton just off of Houston in the SOHO neighborhood. Collette was the gallery director at Von Lintel for years, but decided to branch out on her own. The gallery space is amazing and the grand opening is a little over a week away (Oct.12). She has a great lineup of artist and I am 2nd in line after the grand opening. The show promises to be exciting (if you know me or have seen photos of my previous openings!) and there will be new images on display that have never been seen before. So mark your calendars and stay tuned for more info.

Email me with your address if you want a fancy invite as a reminder.


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jimmieknuckles said...

my duder, as you may, or may not be aware,
your opening just happens to be my birthday

what the fuck?
im not sure, but i think that might be dope