Oct 8, 2008

Cat Burglars...

disclaimer: cat depicted not my actual cat.

So I spent part of my day today in the local police station filling out forms and filing complaints about our stolen cat. Last night my neighbor knocked on my door notifying me that two ladies in a new silver SUV had stopped in the road and taken our cat. Luckily he witnessed it and got the license plate number. So I also spent last night driving down every street (all 30 of them) in our town looking for said vehicle. The local police ran the plate and found the vehicle and it's occupants are from the Albany area (100+ miles away). They would not divulge the personal info to me, but would try to contact them if I agreed to press charges.

It came as no surprise that they were tourist. You see, our little "bunny cat" was born with a birth defect in that his rear legs are stuck together at his hip. So he hops like a bunny. He doesn't need pain meds nor is he in any discomfort. But everyone in our neighborhood knows this and lets him scurry around. These gals must have assumed he was injured and decided to take action. But WTF? Knock on a door or two? Leave a note somewhere? Something? Ya' know? You don't just take someone's cat to play hero with for yourself. That cat has a home with a loving family and he is now missed by all.

Anyway, our local investigative task force, I'm sure, is all over this case of grand theft feline.

note: I chose the Stimpy image because I imagine that this what our cat is probably doing right now if he could sit up straight and smoke cigarettes. Thinking what the hell is going on here and why am I not home?

UPDATE: Bunny cat is home. The cops hunted down the women (turned out to be girls) and they are college students that just moved around the corner from me and thought they were doing the good Samaritan thing. The cop told them what I would have, which is knock on a few doors first next time. Only exception is that I would have ended that sentence with "you dumbass". Oh, and I loved that I had to pay the $30 to get my perfectly healthy cat out of the Vet. Thanks to J-bang bang, Andy, and Jimmie for the support and if we had to raise hell and go to Albany that I would have had back up.


jimmieknuckles said...

im sure bunny cat has escaped by now,
i mean, how bright could tourists from albany be?

thats budget though,
see if you can make some dollars for pain and suffering,
im sure hugo is in tears over the whole ordeal

jenny bang bang undone said...

oh no! not bunny cat!

I like that you think that's what he's doing though. He's off having a neat little adventure. You'll get him back, otherwise I can see a trip to Albany in all of our futures.

Andy Frazer said...

The gall of those turds!!! You're lucky your neighbor saw it and got their license plate. Most incidents like this are never witnessed and, in my neighborhood, nobody seems bright enough to get a license plate.

Good luck. I hope you get him back.

mosaiq. said...

oh dear, what a story.
glad bunny cat is back!

Tom Scholes said...

Love the blog :) Glad you have your bunny cat back. Don't be too hard on the girls, if your cat had really been injured they'd be your new best friends. Their hearts were in the right place even if their brains weren't.

Aaron said...

Thanks Tom, nice to hear from you.

But, I still am mad at the girls because if it weren't for my neighbor seeing them I would have never seen my cat again, injured or not. Because my cat didn't have tags and the local vet doesn't know him. So we would have just assumed he went off to die alone in the woods or something? The fact is, they should have knocked on a door or two first...or christ, just asked my neighbor who was standing right there watching them take him.

You are right that their hearts were in the right place, I just blame it on them being young and naive. They know now how to handle it better next time.

Aaron said...

oh and tom, I like your sketches!

adam k. said...

haha. any pics of the bunny cat?